provide valuable information to solve problems and to make assessments in:

  • hydrogeology
  • exploration of raw material
  • ecological facies
  • engineering geology
  • underground storage
  • drilling engineering.

BBI-GmbH " Water Well and Borehole Inspection Company", Gommern, Germany, offers a broad range of LOGGING METHODS AND APPLICATIONS and modern equipment. Processing and interpretation of data is performed by experienced geophysicists.

BBI-GmbH uses uses DIGITAL WELL LOG EQUIPMENT on cross country vehicles or in a portable version for the use underground, offshore or in areas which are difficult to reach. Computing of petrophysical parameters, interpretation of data and presentation of the results is done directly after logging.

All measurements are made after DVGW rules, guideline W110. All necessary permisions are there to realize nuclear measurements and to transport nuclear material.

BBI-GmbH also offers digitisation of analog well logs. The data is stored on tape, hard disk or floppy disk in various formats.

So the whole spectrum of services contains following aspects:

  • geophysics in boreholes
  • taking of samples
  • data processing

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